Our Vision

Bilaspur Police will strive towards excellence in all aspects of policing withBilaspur Police will strive towards excellence in all aspects of policing with the help of modern technological inputs and community participation and achieve the targets through constant up gradation of resources, techniques and professional skills .

The purpose of Bilaspur Police is to uphold the law fairly and firmly. We, the police force of Bilaspur, are committed to be compassionate, courteous and patient, to act without fear or favor. We have resolved to be professional, calm and restrained in the face of violence and apply only that force which is necessary to accomplish our lawful duty.

We will strive to secure the life and property of public and reflect, so far as we can, the priorities of the citizens in the actions we take. We will, as we always have, respond to well founded criticism with a willingness to change.

With its ' ideal' police stations and computerization initiative, Bilaspur Police is now poised on the threshold of excellence with a strong determination to serve the people of Bilaspur even better in the times to come. We promise to work towards this mission with full honesty and determination.

Shri Badri Narayan Meena (IPS)
Inspector General of Police
Bilaspur Range, C.G.
E-Mail to IG Bilaspur
Shri Santosh Kumar Singh (IPS)
Superintendent Of Police
Bilaspur C.G.
E-Mail to SP Bilaspur

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